BFT Automation


BFT Automation (UK) Limited are the UK subsidiary of BFT S.P.A., an Italian manufacturer of access automation technology who specialise in gate and door automation for the home and commercial markets as well as providing a range of technology solutions for car parking systems. 
Established over 30 years ago, BFT products are available all over the world, either through subsidiaries or a network of distributors. Here in the UK we have been distributing for over 13 years, and as a wholly owned subsidiary since 2004. 
Today BFT is widely recognised by entrance automation installers as the company who can provide them with industry leading, world class automation technology that is highly functional, reliable, cost effective and durable.  This gives our network of installers the confidence that, by using BFT technology, they will be able to provide their customers with entrance systems that will give years of continuous, reliable service 
We have also supplemented the wide range of BFT technology offerings with other products that enables us to provide our installer customers will all the products they need to complete an installation of an automated gate, rising bollard or full parking revenue system.

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