Bellcall Emergency Call System

The Bellcall is a versatile emergency call system which lends itself to a multitude of applications in a number of different markets. Although these systems are typically installed in care and nursing homes there are other market sectors that have emergency call systems installed:
**Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Private Hospitals and Hostels Housing, Employment and Benefit offices, Interview Rooms, Doctor Surgeries and Medical Centres, Disabled Toilets, Leisure, Fitness, Health, Spa and Beauty Centres, Police Stations, Remand Centres, Immigration Centres.
The Bellcall emergency call system allows individuals, be they patients, residents or staff, to initiate an alarm call in order to obtain assistance. An indicator panel will alert an attendant by sounding an alarm and by illuminating an LED lamp. Each Lamp has a nameplate label to
identify the caller or room. The call is generally cleared by attending the room where the call originated and by resetting the callpoint. Calls can be made from either a wall-mounted callpoint, a ceiling pull switch or a pendant (pear-drop) switch.


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