The REDWALL SIP is a series of long range volumetric outdoor PIRs designed to work in conjunction with CCTV systems and trigger camera position to the zone of intrusion. Very stable in outdoor environment the Redwall SIP sensors have a very low false alarm rate and are instrumental for make event-triggered security systems stable. The SIP-100 is a hardwired model providing a detection range of 100x3m (LxW) and an additional 6x9m creep zone ideal to protect long and narrow areas such as areas along fence lines or buildings and alleyways.

Designed to Trigger CCTV Systems:

The REDWALL SIP series is designed to be connected to PTZ or fixed dome cameras and trigger the CCTV system when an intrusion occurs. The SIP-100 has three independent detection zones -far, near and creep zones, with independent sensitivity selection, that can trigger the right camera pre-sets and provide the best view of the scene to local security staff or remote monitoring stations.

Weather and Vandal-Resistant:

The SIP PIRs are designed to be used in harsh outdoor environment, their sensitivity are adjusted automatically to the ambient temperature and illuminance and they have a IP65 rating for the main unit. They also vandal-resistant featuring a polycarbonate housing, an accelerometer to detect if the sensor position has been tampered with and an active infrared antimasking.


  • Buildings
  • Perimeter
  • Approach

Key Features:

  • 100x3m hardwired intelligent PIR
  • Designed to trigger CCTV systems
  • Three independent detection zones far/near/creep
  • Active infrared antimasking and vandal-resistant

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Optex Redwall SIP-100 External PIR Detector with 3 Outputs for PTZ Camera Control 100m x 3m

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