C-Tec, Apollo Alarmsense

Two-wire AlarmSense has been developed to make the design and installation of a fire detection and alarm system easier and more economic for small to medium sized buildings. The range also allows an existing system to be extended or modified if neccessary. this flexibility make AlarmSense an excellent choice for use in Houses.
Key Features of AlarmSense include:
  • Detectors, manual call points and sounders are connected on the same two wires
  • Sounders can be wired to the same point as detectors
  • Failsafe operation of manual call points when detectors are removed
  • Zonal fire tracking and alarm indication
  • Synchronisation of visual/audible alarms
  • Detectors and manual call point alarms are identifiable separately
  • Detectors and manual call points can be disabled separately
  • Reduction in wiring and installation costs
  • Ease of installation
  • Flexible system design

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